Frequently Asked Questions

What is MusicID?

MusicID is the most sophisticated music exploration application for your iPhone or Android phone. MusicID recognizes songs by listening to music playing from a speaker. The enhanced Song Information screen of MusicID allows you to get lyrics, artist bios, share your favorite track info with your friends and purchase tracks from iTunes. You can also save any songs info you discover to My Songs for later viewing as well as check out the most popular tracks being explored by other users.

How does the search technology work?

MusicID uses an advanced fingerprinting algorithm to take a recording made from your cell phone and compare it to our comprehensive music database. When you search for music with MusicID, you are tied into the largest music metadata collection in the world.

Where can I use MusicID?

Anywhere recorded music is being played in the US. On the Radio, in the club, car, bar, on the TV or Internet, you name it.

What kind of music will it identify?

MusicID works with most forms of popular music. This includes pre-release promos so you can identify new songs and artists before they are commercially available as well as popular music from around the world.

How do I identify (ID) a song?

  1. Hear a sweet song you'd like more info on.
  2. Point your iPhone at the music source and select Identify Song
  3. After listening and analyzing, your phone will display the Song Info screen with the name of the track, artist, and album as well as album art, iTunes purchase link, YouTube videos, bios, lyrics, and similar songs.

Does MusicID work with live music?

MusicID only works with pre-recorded music, so only pre-recorded live sessions will work.

Can it identify singing or humming?

No, MusicID only works with pre-recorded music. It cannot identify singing or humming.

Why wasn't my song recognized in a noisy environment?

MusicID needs the music to be the dominant sound to work best.


Why won't it ID when I can hear the music clearly?

MusicID's vast music database can identify just about any song. Sometimes we'll miss the odd promo or new release or really obscure tracks. However we are constantly adding new music and metadata so don't give up!

If MusicID couldn't ID your song we welcome your feedback. You can email us at and tell us what kind of environment you were in and the type of song you were trying to ID.

I have an idea for MusicID; how can I share it with you?

We welcome your ideas, please email

How do I contact Customer Support?